How to Stop Background Data Uses in Window 10 ( Step By Step )

Today, I am Going to tell you how you can stop background data uses in window 10. As it has the auto-update option, No option is given to close the Window update option in window 10 like window 7 has.

You can use a metered connection option in a network setting, this will stop background data uses and no data will be used in the background for updating things.

These are the same as stoping Auto Update in Windows 10 & 8, It will also stop Windows update in Windows 10.

How to Stop Data Background Data Uses? ( For window 10 or 8 )

Step 1: Connect to any network

Step 2: When Network gets connected, Then Click on right click on that network.

Step 3: Now you may see ( set a metered connection option) in Win 8 Directly.

But If you using Window 10 Latest Version then, You have to go to properties option after right-clicking on the Wifi Network which you have connected.

Step 4: [ONLY FOR WIN10] Then a window will open you will see, set a metered connection now, then switch it to on

Now you are done. Now, not a single data will be used to update your window.

NOTE: DATA MAY BE CONSUMED SOME TIME, AS SOME IMPORTANT UPDATED ARE REQUIRED TO KEEP YOUR COMPUTER SAFE. ( If it starts consuming data then you can again follow same things after resetting that network which you have connected )

Try sharing this trick with other this trick may help others to stop extra data consumption. But you need to update your computer regularly so that you can be safe.

These were some steps through which you can stop your Background data use. I may update trick if any latest things come.

Why Do You Need to Update?

Actually, Many vulnerabilities is released on the internet Day by day, Window releases updated to make your device safer and clean.

as android release regular monthly security patches, so that your devices may not get affected by the different viruses.

Thanks For Your Valuable time, Hope I have Solved Your Problem.

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